“Megan is one of IBM’s ‘Top Talent’ [alumni], outstanding in her creativity and technical leadership. She has a unique gift for working with people and ideas. She is an excellent team leader, able to encourage collaboration between strongly opinionated people and creating passionate teams committed to delivery. She takes on each project with energy and devotion, dedicated to reaching her full potential and working effectively with others to help them to achieve theirs.”
– 360 Degree Colleague Feedback

Megan is an innovation and technology consultant. She is an inventor herself, the first and only woman in the UK to hold the title of "IBM Senior Inventor" to date. She has worked in a variety of roles in IT - developing IBM software and open source software, building and testing solutions, leading projects and presenting at events and conferences and to IBM clients. Megan established and led a community focused on developing practical skills in innovation. Megan is particularly interested in the creation and application of technology to improve people's experiences, learning and career development. Her work has been recognised in a number of external awards, The IEE Innovation in Engineering Awards, British Female Innovator & Inventor of the Year Awards, and Women of the Future Awards, in particular for designing an innovative system to solve the problem of content in networks becoming out of date and leading a team to prototype the invention. Megan is a musician with a keen interest in using technology in new ways to support musical learning.

Megan's passion for music began aged two, learning piano then and later cello, choral singing and piano accompaniment. She was the principal cellist with the Coventry Youth Orchestra, conductor of the Hulme Hall Orchestra in Manchester and a member of the Hallé Choir. She now teaches piano, cello and musicianship and has recently taken up musical theatre, performing with the Woking Amateur Opera Society. Megan studies piano, cello and voice with teachers from the Royal College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She is also training to become a Colourstrings Music Kindergarten Teacher with The Szilvay Foundation.

Megan has a degree in English Language and Literature from Manchester University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Software Engineering from Oxford University.

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