Consultancy and Coaching

"In my work with her, I found Megan to be highly skilled at navigating the sometimes-murky space between a broad concept and its practical implementation. To do this, she breaks down issues and challenges into relevant and manageable questions. I found this approach extremely useful, as it enabled me to imagine a way forward." - Client Feedback

Consultancy services and associated provision of technology for:

  • small business on marketing, product design and business strategy
  • professional musicians on exploiting web technologies
  • primary school on leadership strategy
  • pub/restaurant on web presence and innovative services
  • online music education business on technical direction and requirements analysis
  • individuals on career planning and strategic direction

 - Travelled to Italy as consultant to two inventors visiting a manufacturer, providing expertise on commercial and patent system issues and also on product design and branding.

 - Directed the judging process, and judging panel, for the European Female Inventor and Innovator Awards 2009. Created technical materials to collate and moderate judging input.

 - Technical input to judging panel for British Female Inventor and Innovator Awards 2009.

 - Ran internal problem-solving and creativity workshops at IBM:

Established and led the IBM Innovation Special Interest Group (iSIG) with over 150 members, which became a forum for cultural change. Examples of the impact of the iSIG’s work on productivity and creativity include a radical improvement to the number of patent applications of a department, influence on strategic direction of parts of IBM and many achievements in innovation by individuals.