I am currently engaged in giving talks for the BCS, at Computing At Schools Conferences in the UK.

This talk entitled "What Will Be Your Story?" is about Innovation, Technology and Transferable Skills.

Included in the talk:

  • Practical approaches to identifying and developing transferable skills, and then transferring them to new situations
  • Discussion of opportunities to develop transferable skills during corporate experience, and how to apply them elsewhere, using illustrations from my career
  • Illustrations of specific benefits of experience in technology to developing transferable skills and entering different fields
  • Discussion of the relationship of society, the world and individuals with technology and why we should get involved
  • Discussion of my experience of using technology in many different fields, including illustrations concerning innovative use of technology when teaching music and studying
  • Discussion of effective attitudes to learning, acquiring qualifications, and finding your own voice
  • Exploration of creative thinking and practical approaches to innovation, with an interactive exercise
  • Introduction to solving problems using technology and 'where to start' if new to technology
  • Benefits of designing products with input from people with a diverse range of skills, experience and backgrounds
  • Practical ways to challenge self-perception and discover career paths to match personality and passions

"Computing conference talk...BRILLIANT!" - email from Student Attendee

"Had an amazing time in birmingham, would like to thank @megbey and all the other speakers!" - Student Attendee on Twitter

"Great talk! Pretty inspired myself!"
- Fellow Speaker

"An inspiring talk with something for everyone - careers, music, technology - and a little philosophy too!"
- Teacher

"All the teachers were praising her after" - Conference Organiser

"I was unexpectedly swept away by your brilliant and inspiring presentation. What a treat!" - Adult Attendee

"I heard from the teachers and school girls (especially the teachers) that she was an excellent speaker" - Conference Organiser

"Thank you for a truly stimulating and innovative hour Megan"
- Adult Attendee