Patents Granted

"Guaranteeing Hypertext Link Integrity," US Patent 7,290,131 granted 2007

"One-responder email feature," US Patent 7,478,135, granted 2009

"Human-read-only Configured E-mail," US Patent 7,512,978, granted 2009

“Generating a Fingerprint for a Document,” US Patent 7,555,489 granted 2009

“Dynamic Generation of Forms,” US Patent 7,752,537 granted 2010

“Dynamic Generation of Forms,” UK Patent GB2421827 granted 2010

Patents Pending

"Adding Context to a Chat Transcript," US Patent Application 10/660,063

"Hypertext request integrity and user experience," US Patent Application 10/677,655

"Multiple Email Messages from a Singular Email Message," US Patent Application 11/949,507

"Updating of a Link to Data Repository," US Patent Application 12/053,444

"Providing Links Between Application Programs," US Patent Application 12/239,856

"Email Annotation," US Patent Application 12/246,618

"Email Productivity Monitoring Facility," US Patent Application 12/352,160

"Collaborative Agent Encryption and Decryption," International Patent Application PCT/EP2010/060944


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Course Material

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